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A Jaundiced Eye on the Stratford Festival’s 2009 Playbill

We examined the Stratford Festival’s declaration of its 2009 season with intrigue. In the event that its 2008 lineup is losing a great deal of cash, as detailed, will the 2009 lineup improve? (See my ongoing article, “The initiative catastrophe at the Stratford Festival,” on the masterful executive disaster at the Stratford Festival and its […]

Colourful Festivals in Thailand

Thai celebrations you truly can’t miss…. In a nation with an abundance of history and an assorted social range Thailand has a variety of religious, political and regal functions to keep you commending all year. Venturing out to Thailand to encounter one of these celebrations will give you a genuine energy about Thai social, convictions […]

Bhutan’s Famous Chham Festival

Move and music have a critical impact in the social existence of the general population of Bhutan. Every town and network has a rich custom of move which denotes the passing seasons, collective events and shared encounters. We will take a gander at the centrality and the spot of Chhams( Mask Dances) performed amid the […]

Presenting – Lido Chilelli – Founder of the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival

Consistently one excitement occasion in Toronto’s Beach neighborhood pulls in enormous overall consideration: the Toronto International Beaches Jazz Festival. Lido Chilelli, a nearby business visionary, is the individual who concocted the thought and who continues sorting out the occasion a seemingly endless amount of time after year, and he unquestionably must be incorporated into the […]

Spanish Fiestas and Festivals

Spanish Festivals and Fiestas are a festival of being a Spaniard to be a piece of and to share a typical National and Local History and Culture…so all things considered we should investigate a portion of the numerous festivals that happen all through this brilliant nation. January The time of Spanish celebrations and parties festivity […]

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival

Arranged at the south-western shore of Lake Inlay, likewise called Inle Lake (Shan State, Burma) with its skimming market and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, Ywama is a fundamental traveler site and visiting it is dependably a fascinating and exciting issue. Be that as it may, Ywama is getting it done amid the Burmese month […]

Thadingyut And The Festival Of Lights

We are currently in the Burmese month of ‘Thadingyut’ (September/October) and the motivations to be cheerful and celebrate are ample in Thadingyut for which reason this month is, aside from Thingyan, presumably the most upbeat of the whole year here in Burma. Before long we will commend the ‘Thadingyut la pyei mee htun pwe daw’, […]

What Makes a Good Festival? (The Triangle Theory)

One of the significant network advertising implies is celebrations, regardless of whether it is social, chronicled or religious or some other kind of celebrations. As an advertising apparatus it very well may be an effective one or a bombed so what makes a decent celebration and what makes it a disappointment?. A Festival is an […]